NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Break time for your eyes!

One complaint I have about the iPad's screen is the beautiful, glossy surface. Sure it looks great, until you actually touch it. I'm tempted to wipe it with something 10 seconds after turning it on. The glassy surface is also not optimal for quick and constant finger dragging when gaming, and glare and reflections can be be distracting. The NuVue Anti-Glare protective screen guard will diminish these issues.


I hate putting on screen protectors, because of bubbles, lint, dust or other particles getting under there during application. I must say, the NuVue was very easy to get lined up and laid down without any of the above. The cover is sent with an application kit to help with this, but I was able to put it down mostly without it. The trick is to get the home button end exactly aligned with the screen edge, making sure to rid bubbles as you pull off the backing and gently smooth it onto the remaining screen towards the top.

Make sure to clean your screen well before trying to install the NuVue, lest you trap smudges or bubble-causing particles underneath. For this I use good old breath and soft cotton, but the NuVue also includes a section of cheese cloth that will work. The instructions describe using some kind of solution, which I didn't quite understand the need for, but I guess if you want to waste money, there is an iPad screen cleaner solution available for this purpose. Good old breath fog has always sufficed, in my opinion.

Once applied, carefully pull off the front masking film (there are appropriately labelled tabs on each side) from one side to the other. Be on the lookout for any bubbles that may come from the slight lifting that may occur when removing the film, especially on the edges. You will notice immediately that the protector makes the iPad's screen remarkably less inclined to cause traction with your fingers. Glare and reflections are also reduced.

The NuVue Anti-Glare screen protector for iPad is a perfect add-on to protect your screen from scratches, reduce the hassle of constant wiping, and ease glare in strong light. It is also dust resistent (whatever that means). Personally, my iPad doesn't sit long enough to gather much dust. Anyway, it's a great investment so go here to get one for your iPad (designed for 1G).

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