New SafeWallet Versions Released

 "For the past several weeks we've been working around the clock to bring great new features to SafeWallet! Since our last newsletter announcement we've already had two new SafeWallet updates. The first was version 1.2 about two weeks ago, and today's release, version 1.2.1. For your convenience we've included here a list of the main new features introduced with these last two updates." Read on for the details...

I know I always harp on storing passwords and key information in unencrypted apps like Notes or contact fields, but there really is a better way. SBSH creates some really fine mobile software, so don't procrastinate cleaning up your sensitive info any longer. Protect your identity today!!


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SafeWallet 1.2 and 1.2.1 Highlights

Favorites Support - Flag cards as favorites along with a new dedicated favorites panel to quickly access all of your favorite cards from any place within your wallet

Auto-password validation - Enable this new option for faster access to your wallets. When enabled, SafeWallet will automatically validate your wallet password while it is typed, opening your wallet automatically as soon as the correct password was entered, speeding your wallet access time dramatically!

Field Actions - All card fields of type web-address, phone number or email, now provide active actions! Pressing one of these field values when one of your wallet cards will open up the desired web-address using Safari, initiate a phone call or compose a new email document with the desired target recipient!

Users who registered SafeWallet for iPhone in the past are entitled to upgrade free of charge. The new update download is waiting for you at the iTunes AppStore. Be sure to grab it and take advantage of the new features available with this new release!

- $0.99 Release Celebration - Register SafeWallet for iPhone today for only $0.99! (retail $5.99)...


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