New Blue Mikey Available

You can record on the new 4G iPod touch (without external accessories), but if you want to bump up the quality of your recordings, you might need the new Blue Mikey from Blue Microphone (see my iPod/iPhone recording article here). It is not yet compatible with 4G devices, but the great free Blue FiRe App will work with the built-in mic. The new Mikey will be available on Monday, Nov 15, and will feature line-in recording, USB pass-through, and is still compatible with pre-4G devices...Read on for full PR details.

"The Second Generation Mikey is an enhanced plug-and-play, CD-quality microphone for iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, now with improved circuitry and new, advanced features. The perfect tool for mobile recording, Mikey 2G now features a USB pass-thru connection to allow for charging during use and a 3.5mm line-input for direct recording of other sound sources such as a guitar or mixer. The new 230-degree range of adjustability with seven detent positions allows for perfect positioning for recording lectures, voice notes, live music and interviews from any angle. Like the original, Mikey 2G features Blue's superior quality stereo condenser capsules and three selectable gain settings allowing for a versatile recording experience for everything from a concert to a whisper."

Mikey 2G Features & Benefits:

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* Improved circuitry for superior recording at higher volumes

* New USB pass-thru connection for charging while in-use

* New 3.5 mm line-input

* New 230 degree of rotation. seven detent positions

* Now comes with carrying pouch for protection on-the-go

* Blue’s superior quality stereo condenser capsules

* Three user-adjustable gain control settings

* Recordings upload to iTunes for easy editing, posting and sharing

Compatibility –iPod/iPhone/iPad

* Mikey 2G is certified for iPod models including the iPod 5G, iPod classic, iPod nano 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, and iPod touch 1G, 2G, 3G.

* Mikey 2G will work with iPhone, 3G, 3GS: When using the device with iPhone, an automatic message will appear prompting the use of airplane mode, which is not necessary but may be used for best performance.

* Beginning with iPad/iPhone 4, Apple changed the input technology rendering the Mikey 2G incompatible. However, an updated version is on Blue’s radar.

For iPhone/iPod touch:

* Download Blue FiRe – a free recording application for iPhone that is optimized for high-fidelity, stereo mobile recording with the Mikey 2G. Available for free in the “Music” category of the iTunes App Store.

You can download it here:

Mikey 2G, MSRP $79.99, is available November 15 at and For local retailers, visit

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