More CES - Pump up your gadget time with Juice Pack from mophie!

Sometimes you need to be able to pull out the big guns, right? Like when you type and type, with seemingly no end, and you realize at the last instant before you hit the send (or the save) button that your device is critically low on power and is about to shut down (this happened to me here at CES). Oh yeah, you know the terror I'm talking about. You are hoping to God it sends or saves properly before time runs out. What can you do to prevent this from being a recurring problem? Use a bigger battery...mophie has one called the Powerstation Pro--a sealed up mini-monster that should keep you typing for days, and under practically any field conditions.

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The powerstation line of device from mophie is the Cadillac of chargers. They have 2 brutes, and both are surprisingly lightweight for add-on batteries, but will still handle iPad and all your USB devices. They also support fast charging, and can switch between 500mAh, 1A, and 2.1A charge.

The juice pack reserve and boost are add-on batteries for iPod and iPhone only. You need less than the powerstation, but want a little extra power around. With the integrated 30-pin connector, you don't need to worry about dragging extra cables. To learn more about mophie products, visit their website here.

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