Meetup at CES - FinderCodes and FedEx get your gear back!

FinderCodes  is an electronic lost/found exchange (see my review here) that helps you get back your lost gear. A 2013 CES award winner, you use the service to mark and register your stuff in the cloud (with tags) so that should someone find it, they can scan the QR code on the tag and easily and privately return your stuff (and collect a reward you offer). The cloud system tracks and alerts you as well. I met with Blake Sohn, the founder of FC at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, NV, and he discussed the latest partnership with FedEx (also giving me a quick demo of the new return features), and what is next on the horizon for this up and coming mobile service brand.

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With FedEx integration, the servers at FC can automagically communicate with the FedEx tracking system, which allows a finder to easily drop your gear at an authorized location. The system will assign an RMA number based on the scanned code and bill the owner without revealing any personal information, also alerting the owner appropriately. One of the strengths of FC is the ability to protect both finder and owner privacy.

Blake talked briefly about some new features coming this year which will include a new Bluetooth finder capability (no real technical details on that at this time), and an upcoming Australia launch. You can check out FinderCodes in the LVH iLounge Pavilion or learn more here.



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