LookeeTV at CES - Internet A/V Player!

LookeeTV is a product I have wanted to check out for some time. I admit that I don't currently own a DVR, or an Apple TV, mostly because I don't watch a lot of television, and am somewhat allergic to app store prices for DRM-protected content (ask me about my iTunes movie download nightmare sometime). Anyway, I was able to catch up with these guys at the show. Billed as "Apple TV for the rest of us" LookeeTV is a desktop player that supports a goodly amount of free internet stream content, both audio and video related.

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Part of the attraction is the fact that the player not only allows you to tune in free content from BBC, CNN and major networks, stream files from your computer, and check out free streaming and on-demand content, but it also has an attractive built-in 7" TFT screen and stereo speakers. With the included HDMI out, you can display content on your HD set as well (720p supported).

The content options seem a little thin, admittedly, so if you want every popular show, plus cable shows and latest hit movies, this probably isn't for you. There is also a handful of apps currently that let you tune in streams as well as do simple things like display your favorite photos. They have a couple of player models available, as well as a WiFi-enabled HD TV box to connect a TV, and I understand they are trying to get an R/C app approved on the app store. You can learn more about LookeeTV by checking out their web-site here...

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