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"LetterBug is a frantically fun, and challenging word-spell puzzle game, new from Portable Zoo.  In Letter Bug, players spell words from layers of letters. The bigger the words and the faster you spell them, the more points you get.  As you “clear” letter layers, more letters come up onto the primary layer to use.  Players utilize the touch screen to tap out letters and spell words.  Players can also utilize “shake” to shake up the screen and scramble for new letters."

The skinny on Portable Zoo is that it's run by an original co-founder of EA Sports, so though I haven't tried this game, that certainly sets the bar up. Get it in the App Store here.


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  •  3 Game Modes: Playthrough (play through 6 distinct themes), Score Attack (try to beat your previous high score), Challenge (tests your ultimate skill in infinite play).


  •  Touch Screen.  Tapout letters utilizing Iphone Touch Screen.


  •  Shake it up!  Shuffle your remaining letters by shaking the Iphone.


  •  Hold spell letters as you build words,  shake up the screen to add new letters and increase your word choices. You can build words up to 9 letters long.


  • 5 different Scoring PowerUp Letters: Extra time, extra shuffle, and 2 differentscoring multipliers. Combine powerups to boost scores even more.


  •  6 themed environments with Bonus. Spell words according to background themes and score even more points.


  •  Track high scores in all modes for up to 5 players.
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