Joby brings 2 new iPad stands to #CES

Hal and I had an up-close and personal look at the latest iPad stand/case products at the Joby booth today (the Ori, and the Yogi). One is a stand/case combo that includes the twisty, adjustable legs that the other Gorillapod products all share (though quite a bit thicker), and the Ori, which like the Japanese paper art it is aptly named for, is a fold-out wonder to behold. If you don't know about Joby, they make adjustable camera stands that will hold your camera at almost any angle imaginable.

The Yogi includes a polytcarbonate case with a rubberized bevel around the edges to ward off impacts directly to the glass of your iPad. The large pod legs of the stand-part of it are very sturdy, and can be clipped to one of 4 points on the back of the case to give you the flexibility to mount iPad in any orientation.

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Much like the Gorillapod stand I use for my camera, the stand seems of very high-quality construction. I use my gorillapod to for my gadgets, camera, and have even used it to prop up my netbook, so if you just want a flexible stand for your gadgets, I highly recommend almost any of the typical camera stands.

The Ori is a diffirent animal and a departure from Gorillapod products, totally lacking the spidery adjustable legs of the typical Joby stand. Instead the Ari incorporates an aluminum composite case that flips out for typing, can be unfolded for laying flat, or re-arranged for better video display.

Hal posed as our typing model during the demo... In other news, the PR rep informed us that Joby will soon be releasing a camera-oriented iPhone app that will give users the ability to stitch images, and advanced time lapse features as well. If you head out to the show tomorrow, make sure to stop by and check out their booth in the North Hall iLounge Pavilion (#4613)...


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