iStart German and Chinese language courses now available!

Last year I reviewed the iStart Spanish version of the portable language courses from Mirai Language Systems (Japanese also offered). The app is really well done, and just found out they have recently released iStart German and Chinese! You can get more information from the PR info attached below, or go to the previous app store links to grab them (free lite versions available for both).

Tokyo, Japan — Mirai Language Systems, publisher of innovative language courses for mobile devices, have released "iStart German!", a German language-learning app, on the iTunes App Store (Education Category). The app features a complete beginner-level language course explained in English, with native German audio pronunciations."iStart German!" is the fourth app in the acclaimed iStart series of apps (joining Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese). The iStart apps have been featured by Apple on the App Store numerous times, and have been downloaded by several hundreds of thousands of users, with very positive reviews and high ratings.
What makes the iStart apps special is the unique tutor-based approach, along with a beautifully designed user-interface, and a wealth of audio and text content, at a very reasonable price.

The iStart apps are carefully designed to make it as easy as possible for the beginner-level learner to understand the basics of a new language. Find out how simple taking up a language can be with a language app that takes full advantage of the features of a mobile device. Text moves in sync with the audio instruction, vocab lists are searchable, and the quizzes are interactive. In addition, "funware" is used as a motivation tool, where users get awarded badges for their progress, which can be shared with friends on Facebook. The iStart app courses are both unique and innovative. Free "Lite" versions are also available for download on the App Store, with a limited number of language lessons,showing most of the features of the full app courses.

Mirai Language System's motto: "Changing the Way People Learn Languages."

Mirai Language Systems create language courses that adhere to three basic principles: Language learning and instruction should be:
1. Fun, stimulating, and enjoyable.
2. Logical, well-paced, and consistent.
3. Balanced and goal-oriented.

Consistently applying these basic principles to innovative language learning products is what sets Mirai Language Systems apart from other language learning methodologies.

Pricing & Availability
iStart German! is currently available for purchase at the discount price (50% off full price) of US$ 4.99 or equivalent, from the iPhone App Store (iTunes link):

iStart Chinese! is currently available for purchase at the discount price (50% off full price) of US$ 4.99 or equivalent, from the iPhone App Store (iTunes link):



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