iSkin iSamples soon to be iLife reader iGifts!

Looks like we will be having another giveaway soon, as iSkin sent some samples for review (heads up to Phyllis). They probably forget that I'm the iPod guy here at iPhoneLife, but that's ok--more freebies for our readers. This latest batch includes the solo FX the solo vu, and the duet skin/clip combo. Read on for more iSkin action shots and details (including my 4G iPod in an iPhone 4 skin..which is not even funny).

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The black vu is a sleek-looking skin that also nicely covers and protects part of the face of the unit. The back has an attractive translucent cutout that extends down the middle of the skin, and seems to be made of a stiffer, vinyl-type material. There is a large opening in the top to slide in your phone, and both the vu and FX cover the home and volume buttons with rubberized, form-fitting perfection. The bottom opening is protected with a movable flap. Since I didn't have a real iPhone 4 to stuff in there, I substituted my 4G podtouch, which looks like the kid at school wearing big brother hand-me-downs (me).

The FX is much like the vu, save for a lack of the stiff see-thru backing, and the bottom flap. The blue is probably my choice in colors were I to use this skin. The back has a series of concentric circles imprinted on it in a pleasing array... Man do I sound geekified! Did I really just write, "concentric circles imprinted on it in a pleasing array"...?

The duet includes a belt clip, but lacks the better face protection of the previous skins. Your iPhone is like a peel and eat shrimp in this case. iSkin is one of my fav case vendors, and also one of my Buyer's Guide picks. Can't wait to see what they have cooking this year at CES, but guys c'mon...I need some iPod 4 case/skins for review--see my home grown case below. Well, at least it's sturdy...

You can check out all the latest iSkin cases and skins here, and see my Buyer's Guide article here for more great gift ideas for your iGeek. Don't forget to stay tuned to our blogs for more great reviews, tips, and product news. While you are at it, you might want to sign up for a subscription of our print edition.


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