iPhone and iPod touch Zoho Docs Viewer App Now Available!

I have not tried Zoho Docs personally, but have heard good things. Currently am pretty tied into Google services, but will have to give Zoho a try. If you are a Zoho user, you now have another reason to love it! An iPhone/iPod touch viewer app you can use to get to your docs while on the go! Read on for the full press release details (iTunes link here).

"We are excited to announce the launch of Zoho Docs (iTunes link), a native application for iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the first native application from Zoho on a mobile device. It is currently available for free on the AppStore and runs on iPhone/iPod Touch.

The goal for the current version of the application is simple. We wanted to provide easy access to your Zoho documents from your mobile device. All files created, uploaded or shared in Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show or Docs can easily be accessed from this application. You can view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and PDFs within the app.

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The app also allows you to upload images from your mobile device to Zoho Docs. Built-in search helps you find documents easily.

This is a start for Zoho on the AppStore. We plan to offer native applications for mobile devices, but most of the processing will be done in the cloud. If you are interested in browser-based apps, you can access them here .

We’d like to hear your feedback on our first iPhone app. Also, what other Zoho apps would you like to see on the AppStore?

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