inCarBite at CES - Awesome case and mount options for iPad!

Lots of vendors here at CES are showing off their latest case products. Same thing goes for iPad mounts for home, office and even in-car gear. Some vendors offer both, but I have yet to find any that integrate and offer the flexibility found in inCarBite's line of mounting and case gear. You can mount your iPad on the headrest of your car to keep the kids quiet during the ride home, eject the case (and iPad), and then mount into a dock bolted under your kitchen cabinet to enjoy your favorite show while making dinner!

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The secret is a steel-reinforced docking arm that includes a 30-pin connector for each component. The case arm can also function as a handy stand or grip point for iPad. You can pop it into the desktop dock while mounted, or even release the desktop mount, flip it over, and it can serve as a normal dock... Amazing!

The whole thing detaches to become a great desktop dock!...

inCarBite also offers a range of audio products, but admit I didn't have time to really check them out. Their products are fully Apple certified, and the audio-related gear also feature wireless modes of transmission (IR, and Bluetooth). You can learn more about the amazing in-car dock and case products (or any of the assortment of audio gear) on their web-site, here...


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