IMP Music Game Review

IMP: Surf the Music from Koolhaus Games is a fun game, and in fact I wish I had gotten around to reviewing it sooner. The graphics aren't super sophisticated, and the goal is simple sliding around a curving track, hitting objects called, "bits o funk" in time to backing music, but the game features some catchy tracks and good beat mixes, and I had a hard time putting it down. Read the rest of my mini-review after the break, or go check it out here.


After getting through about 4 levels, it seems there isn't much beyond what I reported above, but IMP is not one of those dazzling games that blows you away with flashy graphics. The beats are really pretty good, and the game can become addictive. Certain objects on the track unlock new sounds in the track. I have a couple of weirdly simple games like this that I love, and always come back to--cartoon graphics and a simple premise. The control of the skateboarding IMP can be a little jerky at times, but just adds to the challenge in the harder levels. Some of the tracks feature riding the outside of a tube (which is tougher than surfing inside), so it gets pretty hard to tilt left and right in time to hit the "funky bits" scattered around the outside.

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IMP is now at the low, low price of $0.99, so go grab it, as I think it's worth it. The game works well, is fun, and soon new levels will be coming out. You can check it out here in the App store...

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