iLuv gear at #CES!

iLuv has been good to us this year, providing cases for giveaways, etc. I am also partial to their docking hardware. They make just about every flavor of accessory for iOS--a one-stop shop of add-ons for your Apple gadgets. I was a little disappointed that they did not have more "new" innovative products on display (2 items were embargoed and I was not allowed to take pictures or even see them).

I did get to check out the new iMM747 Audio cube. The dock works with the fully integrated and free iLuv app, now comes in a white finish, and retails for around $99.99... Works universally with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Strangely, they had none on-hand to demo it (that's a dummy shown above)... I had my iPod 4, but it wouldn't fit on the dock stil inside it's case... I got distracted looking at something else before we got back round to it.

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The IEP525 headphones were on display (winner of 2011 Innovation award). The phones were not going into my ears after sitting on display all day, so I took the reps word for it that they are awesome. The DSP implementation includes some technology that uses "bone conduction". The non-technical take is that it vibrates the bones of the inner ear to give you that rumbly feel from the bass. I could see it being especially popular with gamers. The price is pretty hefty at $149.99, however...

I took some booth shots of the iLuv gear anyway, since they had a ton of stuff in there on display (even if most is not the latest and greatest). The dockable A/V players for iPod caught my eye, though I didn't get a spiel from the rep about them. Of course, they have been around awhile. I included some more shots from the booth (and gear) below.

iLuv is located in the overcongested (a norm at CES) and weirdly layed out Central Hall in booth 12528. I would have liked a little better booth demo, so I could have covered their products more thoroughly, but slogging through South Hall, and North Hall all day had me a little punchy, and I didn't put up much of a fight when they couldn't find the official marketeer.

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