iDapt at CES - Creative charging solutions, and now an audio dock too!

I guess it is a no-brainer when you think about it. Your company designs innovative, award-winning universal charging bases (that support multiple devices being charged at the same time), so why not go and turn the base into an audio dock??! Of course! iDapt is certainly one of my wife's favorite vendors here at CES. We near constantly use one of the iDapt i4+ charging products on our kitchen counter, which charges our iPods, Blackberries, and iPhones without batting an electrical eyelash. But now they had to go and make an audio dock too. Figures, after I went and installed a separate kitchen stereo under the cabinet. Oh, yeah they also now have cases... well, why not!

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Ok, so yeah the audio dock was cool, but I got another tip for you if you find yourself in North Hall, and plagued with a dying camera battery. iDapt has a charging tip with adjustable polarity contacts that will probably work with your camera battery. If you are nice to the guys in the booth, they will most likely let you juice up while they tell you about their new products. Anyway, the new dock (called the S1) lets you charge up to 3 devices. Using a Bluetooth audio profile connection, or line-in you can play music through the device from any of them. The vendor is working on an enhancement that will allow full Apple 30-pin certified capability in future models.

iDapt is also now offering some case and cover products for various devices that inlude iPad, iPhone. The cases were mainly the typical low-impact plastic you might find on any low-grade product, but the covers were all high-quality leather. The booth rep explained that they only import these from Turkey. You can find out more on iDapt products on their web-site here.


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