Hey Apple, where's my new iPad mini!!

...mini cover wook wonewy...

This is probably the first Apple device since the iPod touch that I wanted to buy right away. Usually I wait until the hype dies down, someone else wants to trade up, and/or demand wanes. No waiting in any long lines, no standing in the rain or cold. Mostly, I am not an early adopter and selective about the Apple products I want. No iPhone, ever (never owned one)... Shocked? I have my reasons, but mainly didn't need it, partly because I could simply borrow my son's. I'm an iPod guy (love em, end of story). When the first iPad came out, didn't get one of those until another writer traded his in for a newer model. It was kind of a novelty to be honest, though I have certainly learned to appreciate it. I figured Apple would eventually come out with the product I really wanted. A bigger version of the iPod touch! I finally got what I wanted, except not yet... went online and purchased it the first day available; black 16GB WiFi only version. So far, the only thing to make it is the silly cover (got it today)...so I want to know where is my mini? Yo Apple, where is my bigger iPod touch?? Sure would like to hear from other would-be mini owners wondering the same thing... Read on for more tech-whining about my non-arriving mini...

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Update!! Delivery scheduled for tomorrow...see my crow-eating, and Apple Store groveling here...you can still read this post for the humor value though if you have a few minutes to kill...

Before I get a bunch of complaints from iPad lovers getting offended by my statements, of course I know the mini is much more than a bigger iPod touch. I know/read all the tech hype, and understand iPad has revolutionized computing as we know it and blah, blah, blah... I bow down (figuratively, of course) to the same Apple deity as you. Some of that Apple-gushing I have shamelessly added to with my own scribblings here (though I initially called the first iPad a big iPod touch), but really at the end of the day, it's a darn music/video/app playing block of metal, plastic, glass and a camera. Oh yeah, it has distinctively rounded corners. Let's come back to planet earth for a bit and remember that similar stuff has been around in the computing world for I don't even know how long. Sure it looks cooler, and people are going crazy over the things again and again and making them sell out like hotcakes. So what!?

We can thank the late Mr. Jobs and his hand-picked team for that mystique and exclusive Apple quality and design (with exclusive price tag), but there it is. Props to Apple, in perpetuity. Ok, Apple you make the best darn BIG iPOD touches on the planet, but jeez can you deliver them? It seems every time I order something from Apple (something material and popular, that is), an eerily similar situation arises. Not only do they not deliver my product in my reasonably envisioned timeline (which is 1 hour), they also often don't notify me of the date as to when I might expect it. Mid-November is pretty nebulous, in my opinion, though when I bought it the estimated date posted on the web site was Nov 2, 2012. If I get it tomorrow, I'll be posting back up here eating significant, but happy, crow. But how hard is it to ramp up your distribution capability in advance of  a single product launch, or is there something else at work here? They must have known there was good chance the device would selll out, yes? Or did they? Maybe the bigger ipod touch sold out because Apple wants to create more demand, or the illusion of it....hmmm?

What do you think--should I quit whining and just wait my Apple-owned butt like everyone else in muted and patient yearning for my big iPod touch? ...and probably shut my pie-hole while I'm at it! 






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