GoSmart Stylus Review

The GoSmart is really not the typical stylus your grandfather used (though it might resemble a sort of drafting instrument). It is substantially more, in point of fact. An ingenious twist of simple engineering applied to the challenge of drawing or writing on the iPad screen in a natural, tactile manner. As a former weather guy, I used to spend hours hunched over first paper charts (waaay back) and then later a computer screen/drawing tablet... mostly just drawing lines (always lines of equal something or other). In the bad old days, drawing on a computer screen was an act more akin to connecting the dots using a drawing puck (on a tablet surface), and the whole experience was frustrating, jerky, often producing an erroneous result. If I would have had an iPad and a GoSmart stylus, I would have relished the task! It might have helped me forecast the weather better as well--ok, joking aside, the GoSmart is a stylus worthy of it's name...read on to learn why you will want this one.
An important aspect of the GoSmart is it's balanced heft that I find more pleasing for most drawing and graphic-centric tasks. I have a typical iPad stylus and have tried several different styles; they all are more or less like a heavy pen with a smooshy rubber eraser on the end. Effective, mind you, for most simple navigation actions, but the GoSmart (even the more pen-like 200 model) just feels better in your hand. It carries a hard-to-describe aura of balance and substance--even the texture of the aluminum has a pleasantly sandy feel and brushed appearance. When holding it, you believe you can truly create something brilliant with the darn thing--a suitable twin to iPad's understated elegance.
Enough of the wordy blather! It's really just a great darn stylus, especially for drawing, and it feels natural when doing so. The key is mostly in that unique tip: a Teflon-coated wireframe at the end of a spring attached to the business end of the stylus, tilted at a near-perfect angle. The spring provides a closer approximation of tactile feedback, but also allows the stylus to be used at almost any angle in respect to the iPad screen (even enjoyed using it in a few games). The wireframe pad at the tip provides a stable contact platform (without blocking your view), allowing for minute precision in drawing tasks.
The GoSmart models comes in 2 styles, but both are of the same finish and basic construction. If I was to favor one, it would have to be the flared and rakish 300. Truly an artists stylus, if there ever was one. The unique cover/cap serves to allow it to stand upright looking like a rocket ship on the launch platform. Sans cap, the tapered end giving a more brush-like experience. They both have magnetic contacts for attaching to iPad's exterior when not in use. You can grab either stylus at the link provided above, and both models should be shipping in early August 2012, though you can pre-order yours now ($24.95 at the vendor site). You can get an idea of my own line-drawing experience by watching the embedded vid below, or check out the marketing video (which is much better of course) here.
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