Give iPhone or Touch the Power of E-mail Groups

photo4When I’m using my PC at work, I’m able to quickly open Outlook and call up an e-mail group, for instance to send out a tech-support bulletin to our field sites, or maybe report a bug to our development team. At home, I use mostly Gmail, and also have a few helpful contact groups configured (like for our bloggers), but I have yet to find a way to sync the grouping to my iPod touch. iEDL from MerckTech, a simple 99 cent app, brings the power of group email to your iPhone or touch.

This is a tiny program that does one really simple thing, so I won’t bore you to tears with install details. Search it out in the app store using it’s very distinctive name…iEDL. After it’s installed, you might consider adding the shortcut to your dock at the bottom so it’s always quickly available (use long-select and then drag…see below). Of course, now that Apple has added a universal search in 3.0 (toggle-select the home button), you can easily search out any app, contact, or whatever on your device.


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First open the program with the shortcut--one request I have is to add some kind of integration with the internal mail client, so you can access your groups there as well. It’s a simple 3-step process to set up the various contact groups you require (i.e family, business, etc).


Select the Add/Modify group button


Select the contacts you wish to add to the group, and save the group…


Go back to the main screen, and select the group you wish to send a group e-mail, and then select the “Compose eMail” button at the bottom. An email will be opened using the iPhone/iPod mail application with the appropriate contacts added to the To: field.

photo4 photo

Another gripe is that I don’t see a way to add groups to the cc/Bcc fields, which does detract a bit (what if I want to keep contacts unaware of the other addresses, for instance). Still, now you can have your iPhone/touch, gmail and email groups as well. What more could you want?

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