Get RadTech connector cables at #CES

Sometimes the simplest things are the coolest (IMHO). Anyhoo, yesterday as we were perusing vendors in the iLounge Pavilion at CES, we stopped at RadTech's booth (#4724). They were giving away these little 30-pin connectors (see below). It was a great find, because I needed it last night, as I was trying a new case for my iPod touch. One bulky enough to have to take the whole thing apart again to charge it (the standard Apple 30-pin connector cable wouldn't fit). The RadTech connector is slim enough on one side, and guess what?...It fit!

Radtech has case/stand products on display as well. I snapped some shots of them, but didn't catch all the models--they resell other vendor products and didn't want to get the products confused. You can see the little connector in action below... Can't wait to get home and try this with my old Sony dock (my new iPod won't seat right for some reason).

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RadTech's iPad stand...above...

RadTech has just about any cable and 30-pin connector type you might need (short ones, lightweight ones, etc.). If you go to CES today, check them out at booth #4724...



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