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Lot's of new and updated apps and games to post up news items for so figured I would do a round-up again. The short list includes the seriously great LASW (see my review of iPhone version here) coming to iPad, Dodonpachi Resurrection 2-D Shooter, Grand Theft Auto also coming to iPad, a free version of a mail app called ibisMail, and an app from iStoryTime for easing your youngster into school! Shoot, wish I had that when I went to kindergarten like a hundred years ago--I got plopped down in with a bunch of strange kids and some Lincoln Logs and told to have fun whether I liked it or not! Anyhoo, read on for full details and links...

Land Air Sea Warfare Coming Soon to iPad

"I have been working hundreds of hours on the iPad version of the game and it's almost done! With the iPad version will come some really cool features which will make it into all of the other platforms. Features such as the all new tactical map, a new air unit, many performance increases for even smoother battles, and full text translations for German, French, and Italian! Expect the iPad version to be available sometime in September!" - James Bryant

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Coming to iPad

Today Rockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is coming to the Apple iPad September 9, 2010. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD comes to the iPad with brand new updated, high definition graphics. The newest installment boasts more than 50 missions, countless side activities, and the ability to customize the soundtrack utilizing your own music on Independence FM, in the gang ridden and grisly Liberty City. Each mission offers thrilling, fast-paced action and the best gameplay elements of the Grand Theft Auto series specifically created with mobile gamers in mind.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD will be available for $9.99 from the Apple App Store.


ibisMail Offers Free Version

ibisMail and ibisMail Free allow you to send and receive mail messages, but with features that cannot be compared with the built-in mail app. Useful features; create folders, add filtering function on each folder, and startup password. We would like a lot of people to know about this application by offering it for free.

Please download ibisMail Free from the page below.

This application is compatible only with iPhone and iPod touch with

iOS4 or later.

*The features of ibisMail Free

The original features of ibisMail that built-in mail does not have.

-Create folders

-Filtering function on each folder

-Filtering function to Trash

-Subscribe/unsubscribe setting of each folder (only for IMAP accounts)

-Add attached file from other application programs to new message.

-Set read mark to all messages in a folder all at once

-Start-up password

-Signatures for each account

-Macro templates for new message, reply message and forward messag

-Landscape mode with the optione of rotate or not to rotate at all screens, rotate only at the Message Editing Screen.

-Turn off/on(choose from samples) receiving and sending sounds

-Even when you reply to all, it's easy to change To, Cc and Bcc.

-Self-signed certificates.

Other features

-Background Communication. (unavailable for iPhone 3G)

-Uncompress zip files, that can be password-protected.

-Open the attached file in other apps.

-Open the attached files in other apps which the kind of files are not supported in ibisMail.

-Saves maximum 100 messages for each folder.

-Send and receive messages with POP3, IMAP4, SMTP.

-Variety of authentications. APOP, POP before SMTP, CRAM-MD5 and Digest-MD5.

-SSL/TLS(includes STARTTLS) connection.

-Show Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF attachment files.

-Add attachment files from Photo Library or camera.

-Forward attachments such as Image files, Office files, zip, pdf and etc.

-Show name of Contacts on Message List Screen and Message Body Screen.



“Dodonpachi Resurrection” is CAVE’s 2008 smash hit arcade shooter, and sequel to the legendary “Dodonpachi Daioujou”. The iPhone and iPod touch version of “Dodonpachi Resurrection” adds in an iPhone mode adapted exclusively for the iPlatforms, and a direct port of the Arcade version, in addition to a Practice Mode and brand new BGM exclusive to iPhone mode! Customization options have been vastly improved over CAVE’s previous game Espgaluda II, including difficulty, button layout, screen display and other settings. “Dodonpachi Resurrection” has taken the No. 1 sales spot at the Japanese AppStore for paid applications, as well as in Hong Kong! In France, America and China, the game has climbed to No. 2 on the sales charts. Both domestically and abroad, Dodonpachi Resurrection has been met with high praises by customers on App Store reviews.

Full Version AppStore URL:

LITE Version AppStore URL:


iStoryTime Announces New App: My First Day of School

iStoryTime, the iPhone App Developer for DreamWorks Animation’s “How to Train Your Dragon,” announces release of an App just in time for school that helps children overcome separation anxiety; Kid’s Book titled “My First Day of School” is appropriate for preschool/kindergarten age children

Los Angeles, CA [August 30, 2010] — iStoryTime, a publisher of children’s storybooks for the iPhone and iPad, announced today an update with iPad and iPhone 4 support for “My First Day of School,” a book for preschool and kindergarten age children who are preparing for their first day of school.

“Separation anxiety is extremely tough on parents and children,” said iStoryTime co-Founder, Woody Sears. “This app has helped tremendously in making a smooth transition for my son into preschool and I am excited about this opportunity to share it with other parents who are experiencing similar issues.

iStoryTime’s book apps, which can be downloaded directly to an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, are simple to use and known for their creativity, illustrations, and narrations. Options for narrations on different stories include voices of adults, kids, and characters. The narration can also be turned off so that parents can read to kids.

iStoryTime books are available for $.99-$2.99 in the iPhone App Store in 80 countries. To view “My First Day of School” in the App Store go to:

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