Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD available for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S!

A monstrously cool space adventure, Galaxy on Fire 2™, of which I have been known to fire up on me iPod touch a time or two, has been released apparently for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s at HD quality (and at an HD price), which I think means that iPad 1 users are sort of left out in the cold (sob). The new game is refreshed with the latest high-quality graphics which require the punch provided by the A5 processor/GPU, so read on you lucky iPad 2 and 4S owners for the gory press details...

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Just in time for the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 4S, a universal version of Fishlabs’ genre-defining space shooter will be released on the App Store in stunning HD resolution optimized for the A5 chip of the for iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Hamburg, Germany - October 14th, 2011 – Barely two months after their successful mobile hit Galaxy on Fire 2™ blazed onto the Mac, Fishlabs Entertainment — one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of high-quality 3D games for smartphones and tablets — now releases Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. In the past, the title has already been advertised by Apple several times and just recently it got featured as one of only seven reference games for the brand new iPhone 4S. On the App Store, the HD version of the action-packed space trader will be available as a universal download for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in never-before-seen quality for $9.99 / €7,99 / £6.99.

The new instalment of the popular premium game, which got awarded with five stars by more than 10.000 iPhone and iPad users, takes full advantage of the rendering power of Apple’s A5 chip. Thanks to the dual core GPU’s sevenfold performance capacities, all 3D models can be rendered with four-times as many polygons and textures at a four times higher resolution and the game will still run smoothly with 40 frames per second. Together with the new OpenGL 2.0 shaders, the different texture sets for diffuse, normal and specular maps for the 30 space ships, as well as all space stations, make for stunningly detailed surfaces in state-of-the-art console quality. In addition, the completely re-worked visuals appear as realistic as it can get on a mobile device due to additional light sources and enhanced post-, explosion- and special effects.

As a matter of course, the transferability of save games from Mac to iPad and vice versa via iCloud, which had already been announced when Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD came out, will now also be valid for the iPhone 4S. Said transferability will also include the add-on Valkyrie™ HD, which will presumably be released in the 1st quarter of 2012. As soon as Valkyrie HS is on the market, users will also be able to freely transfer their save games between the regular instalment of Galaxy on Fire 2™ and the High Definition version of the game.

“With the release of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, we now fulfil our promise of delivering a breath-taking cross-platform sci-fi adventure in unrivalled quality. In fact, Galaxy on Fire 2 is the world’s first premium game, which is fully playable on smartphones, tablets and PCs alike and which even allows the gamer to transfer his save games from one platform to the other whenever he wants. In our opinion, this is a truly revolutionary concept, because the gamers of the post-PC era want to be able to play their favourite games anywhere and anytime,” says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment.

In Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, the gamer will be able to explore a vast universe with more than 20 star systems, 100 different space stations and over 30 fully mountable space ships, as well as follow an exciting story line with full voice acting and take on an infinite number of diversified freelance missions. The title’s epic plot puts the gamer right in the middle of the hard-fought struggle for survival of the galaxy’s four major factions, namely the Terrans, Midorians, Nivelians and Vossk. Due to a malfunction of his ship’s hyperdrive, Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first instalment of the series, is catapulted through space and time. 35 years into the future, he awakens at the far end of the galaxy and quickly realizes that a lot has changed during his absence. An aggressive alien menace known as Voids is lurking on the edge of known space and using sophisticated wormhole technology to raid cargo ships and convoys of all four factions. The unstable peace between the factions is on the line and Keith is the only one who can save the universe from its impending descend into chaos.

Special features of Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD:

·         All 3D models and textures rebuild from scratch for console-quality visuals

·         Up to four times higher textures, as well as additional details and multiple texture sets for extremely detailed depictions of all 30+ space ships and 100+ space stations

·         Carefully reworked space backgrounds and planets in 1024 by 1024 pixel resolution for an ideal High Definition display

·         Heavily enhanced special effects for explosions, fire, smoke and atmospheric effects

·         OpenGL shader on all in-game assets for detailed and realistic surface designs

·         Post effects for cinematic visualisation

·         Additional light sources for realistic lighting

·         Synchronisation of save games across platform borders via iCloud and Open Feint

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is now available on the App Store for $9.99 / €7,99 / £6.99. The official trailer is available on YouTube (see above).


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