Free SPB TV released for iPhone!

Reviewed this app awhile back on the Windows Mobile side of our site, and now SPB has versions for Android, Symbian, and iPhone! What surprised me is they are offering it for free for iPhone (it's $14.95 for WinMo). It worked pretty well then, but have not tried any other versions or checked the channel availability lately (which was somewhat limited). You can get it on the App store here, or read on for press release details.

April 2nd, 2010 - SPB Software, a leading mobile applications and games developer announces the release of SPB TV for iPhone which is becoming SPB Software's flagship application for this enormously popular mobile platform. SPB TV for iPhone is a freeware mobile IPTV viewer with TV-like usability, created for tuning in to publicly available digital TV channels from all over the world.

SPB TV for iPhone presents exclusive and patent-pending usability innovations and gives the mobile subscribers easy access to over a hundred and twenty of TV channels in more than 20 languages, directly from their phones. The application supports must-have TV features, such as a TV browser with quick channel previews, an instantly accessible TV guide for all offered channels, quick channel switching and more.

It's worth noting that a TV application developed by SPB Software has been available to to the Singaporean market via mobile operator StarHub ( with a different pack of channels for about a week now, and since its launch has reached number one most downloaded app in "Free apps" category. SPB Software believes this achievement reflects the true potential of SPB TV for iPhone.

With the arrival of SPB TV for iPhone, SPB Software expands the list of supported platforms (including also Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian), at the same time starting a new line of TV 2.0 apps - free-of-charge, no-subscription-fee programs supported with advertising revenues. Ads in SPB TV 2.0 are still and unobtrusive, lasting only the amount of time necessary to buffer the stream when starting a channel.

Full press release can be found here...

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