Flap Flap gets cloud jumps, hooah!

What is up with the darn bird games. I love em, and can't stop playing them. Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, and now what? Flap Flap? ...Really? Wow, I never thought that games featuring our feathered friends (other than maybe the skeet shooting kind) could be so much fun! Anyway, read on for PR about yet another game (now in the review queue) in the avian pursuits genre...

"Major update for Norwegian indie game Flap Flap; Now with new game mode - Cloud Jump!"

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Flap Flap is a fun, addictive and challenging game for all iOS devices. With super simple controls (one button!), beautiful hand-painted Retina Graphics, sweet music and casual but challenging gameplay, Flap Flap is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Flap Flap was recently updated to version 2.0 which is a major update for the game. The new game mode called Cloud Jump is a whole new game experience and gives the game even more longevity and gameplay. Jump and bounce on clouds, and string together jumps to release an awesome electroboost that sends you screaming across the skies! The game mode has auto-generated backgrounds that change every time you play.

And the price is still ridiculously low - only $0.99!

With 27 Game Center Achievements and 3 Leaderboards, the gamers can challenge themselves and others, and the game works on all iOS devices with 3.1 and up.

Flap Flap was made by a single independent developer from Oslo, Norway. Mattis Folkestad (age 34) has programmed, designed, composed music and painted everything you see, hear and experience when playing. Previosly he has released The Mouth Harp for iPhone, a Jaw Harp simulator which has been downloaded more than 12000 times.

Grab it in the App store here.


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