Fizz Releases Award Winning Traveller App for iPhone!

Fizz Software Ltd May 18th 2009 - Fizz Software Ltd. is delighted to announce that the multiple award winning Fizz Traveller is now available for your iPhone or iPod Touch...

Fizz has now brought their great travel software to iPhone and Touch... Go check it out in the App store at the link above... Read on for more details.

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  • Over 58000 Global Locations

  • Local Time & International Time

  • 3 Analog & 3 Digital Clocks

  • Current month popup calendar

  • International Weather

  • Daylight Map also showing your favorite locations

  • 3D World Globe

  • Meeting Planner

  • 5 Day Forecast

  • 2 Day Extended Forecast

  • Current Conditions

  • Weather Maps - Forecast, Satellite & Radar ( Radar only US )

  • Airport Delays

  • Itinerary Planner

  • Support for Hotels, Car Hire, Flights, Meetings, Trains and Cruises

  • Email Itinerary

  • Map locations

  • Conversions including : Currency - Updated Daily, Temperature, Length, Speed,  Weight, Volume, Area, Power, Torque. Children's Shoes Ladies Shoes, Ladies Skirts, Men's Suits, Men's Shoes, Men's Shirts.

See our Fizz Traveller for iPhone introduction video on YouTube by clicking here...




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