Fitness Tech at CES - iBike helps you to shape up!

If you have been to CES, you know the sheer size of the place and the amount of stuff there is to cover. If you haven't, let's just say it is a Smithsonian of tech shows, meaning it's huge and sprawled over several buildings and even hotels in Las Vegas. A few days of covering this show, and you will start to get in better shape. Of course, vendors are somewhat grouped together to make it easier to find specific zones of interest. The iLounge pavilion is one such zone, mainly concentrated in a squarish area in the North Hall. We tend to focus a lot on that area, but close to the same area is the fitness tech zone. If you want to check out the latest mobile gear to help you shape up, this is the zone for you.

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Several vendors are here hawking anything from heartbeat monitoring devices to virtual workout trainer apps, but I came mainly to see Schosche and iBike. ANT+ integration is the network monitoring protocol that unifies many of the vendors here. I saw a demo last year of the Scosche myTrek, which has now come to market, and will cover that later. The iBike product I have not seen before, and not only do they have their own portable bike/workout monitoring gear, but if you have an iPhone/iPod there is a tailor-made solution to help motivate your cycling workouts.

The DashCC and Powerhouse package turns your iPhone into a powerful fitness computer, while the bike-mount case provides protection. You can monitor each workout's datum in real-time (cadence, speed, heartrate, temp, etc). They also offer full fitness plans (developed by Hunter Allen), so instead of shopping around for accessory products and apps separately, iBike brings all the pieces together in a tailored fashion that is easy for anyone to implement. Check out the vendor site to learn more about iBike products.


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