Fire & Forget is a Flying, Driving, Missile-Shooting, Bomb-Dodging Extravaganza!

It's great when you find a cool driving game, 3D shooter, or aerial fighting challenge to rock your iPad. But all three in one game?!! What some might call an overreach, I call a more action-packed game! Fire & Forget The Final Assualt ($1.99) is a Mad Max-like combat racing speed run that builds on the old 1980s Amiga franchise solidly, updating it for iOS and adding the ability to fly... Sweet!

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First off, to haters of this new iOS version of the game (because I know some negative comments are floating around already), if you didn't play any of the original games, you can't really appreciate the novelty of a reboot of an old game like this. When the Amiga games came out, they were some of the coolest things we had ever seen, and we especially appreciate it when any cool original gets a decent makeover like this. 

Not only does it provide a nostalgic experience, it potentially adds the kind of stuff you dreamed of when you were a kid—like better 3D graphics and effects, sounds, 2-Player mode, and well, flying, of course! The new F&F has all of the above.

I do, however, have some complaints about Fire & Forget (because it ain't perfect). It could use better upgrades to stimulate the replay value and accurate controls to make it a stellar game, but it is a good game without that. The visuals aren't mind-blowing, but not shabby either. If you are new to the realm of driving a Batman-esque armored racing vehicle (that also flies...did I mention that?) with Gatling guns and missiles, allow me to make the intro. The "Thunder Master III" is outfitted for speed and death dealing, and your job is to climb in and steer/fly/drive/smash or blast your way through to the boss baddie (Captain Nucleo) in each level and then, well, blast him as well.

You grab bonuses and extra ammo as you race along, all while avoiding obstacles, mines, and killing enemy vehicles. Your TM3 takes damage when an enemy scores hits on you, or you smack into an obstacle or mine (health shown in upper right HUD). Computer baddie behavior is a tad predictable, and it gets a little monotonous at times, but still fun overall.

The music is superb. Thrash metal guitar loops nicely accent the destruction you are wreaking as you soar, skid, and blast your way through each level. Even the between-level soundtracks are outstanding (sit and let them loop for a quick jam)! You get car customizations at level completion, which are kind of lame (really, a new paint job and rims?). I would have preferred a mega weapons upgrade, but hey...I guess I'll take a paint job and new rims if that's what you're giving me.

The Verdict

If you want some seriously cool (and somewhat retro) racing combat action, grab this title at the app store links above. I give it a better than average iPhone Life rating for a racing shooter, but do feel some of the control aspects could be more precise.


Builds on cool 80s gaming franchise;
Flying, driving, shooting, all in one;
Awesome music.

Controls not precise;
Too easy and predictable at times.

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