Everything Else from CES! --aigo zoom lens, Robot Toy, Parrot Flying Drone, You Rock Guitar and more!

CES is hectic, and when you are trying to look in a million directions, and figure out the next thing to see, you forget stuff, and finally when you go home that evening to blog or write about it all, you forget even more stuff. I tried to take notes, but after awhile it all runs together anyway and you get a bit overwhelmed. I wanted to post one final post of everything else I saw or took pictures/videos of that didn't get posted previously (like the Adesso BT speaker above), and so that is what this post is for. Thanks to all the great vendors who were there and patiently explained or demonstrated their gear. My apologies if I didn't do your product justice, but I did my best. The short list below includes a video of a sniper rifle game controller, an iPhone cover with an optical zoom, and much more.


CTA Sniper Rifle in Action! 

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aigo Optical Zoom lens/cover for iPhone


Robot Toys at the booth next door...sorry, vendor unkown...


You Rock Guitar controller in action


Parrot A/R Drone that Jim Karpen recently posted on

A product that deserved an honorable mention (especially since the guy chased me down through the crowded South Hall) was biostore (available on Amazon here). If you need extra 2-factor security for your USB drive data, try a biostore USB storage drive as it also has a fingerprint reader (it's on the other side).

CTA also had a number of cool iPhone and iPod touch game controller grips, some that even cool your unit... You can check out more of their great gaming accessories at the link above or here...

Well, it was admittedly my first year at CES, so if you followed my coverage, thanks for your readership, and I hope you enjoyed it (see all our CES posts, by searching our blog for--well, uh--CES, of course). Time to get back to the stack of reviews and other items I have been neglecting for the past week. Stay tuned to our blogs, as MacWorld is next on the list, and I hear some of our bloggers like Tracy, Todd and Chris Peri are also going to attend that along with Hal G, our editor and chief. I also hear my man Werner is going to be going (did I actually write "going to be going"? yep, I guess I did...) to the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, so stay tuned for that as well. It was pretty fun to cover CES, and I hope to do again next year!

P.S. I almost forgot one last pix...my awesome wife standing next to my next car (yeah, ok). She went with, and worked the booth (alot more than I did), and was also my assistant during some of my forays around the show. Thanks, honey!


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