Destructopus FREE for a limited time!

If you are in the market for something mind-numbing yet enjoyable on this long Labor Day weekend, go snag Destructopus: Total Ramage! (spelled that way on the AS). Hearkening back to the days of 16-bit nirvana, this Rampage-like scroller is more fun than a triple somersault cannonball off the high dive (which I hope you will attempt sober this year)! Read on for the full PR skinny, and please, folks...destroy responsibly!

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To celebrate the Labor Day Weekend, independent developer GlitchSoft is offering their monster attack game, Destructopus : Total Rampage, for FREE, for a limited period of time. This is your chance to play this awesome looking and highly polished 2D retro-smasher previously featured in the “New & Noteworthy,” “What's Hot,” and “Staff Favorites!” on the App Store. Get ready to “rock-and-roll” on your Apple iPhone® or Apple iPod touch®, as mayhem and destruction is guaranteed!

Compared to the original Destructopus release, the Total Rampage update practically doubles the amount of game. GlitchSoft’s development team has dialed up the mayhem and destruction to make Destructopus bigger, better, and wilder than ever! The update also includes a huge amount of fan favorite requests including: Game Center Support & Achievements, new worlds, new levels, new characters, improved gameplay, and better attacks and upgrades. Rated among journalists from all over the world as one of the best and most polished 2D retro-games to be released in a very long time, Destructopus offers hours of non-stop rampaging action as players punish polluters and protect endangered environments.

“The GlitchSoft team has been working around the clock, and we are about a month away from releasing our next iOS game! We’re excited, but tired, and we decided a well-deserved break was in order”, says Rob Price representing the developer. “We know we’re not the only ones working hard these days, and we think everyone should take a break, and de-stress this weekend. After all, nothing beats smashing entire buildings to the ground for stress relief!”

For your dose of relaxation and stress relief this extended Labor Day Weekend, be sure to check out Destructopus : Total Rampage while it is FREE on the App Store.

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