Dark Meadow on Sale for Halloween!

Looking for a real scare this weekend, check out Dark Meadow for $2.99 for a limited time. One of the creepier looking games for your iPhone/iPad, and should certainly put you in the mood for some Halloween cheer, or doom ...or something. Anyway, read on for gory details about the sale... and some coming features in the game! Mwahahahahahaha!....

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"Phosphor Games has been listening to player and reviewer comments and today announced a series of updates currently being implemented into to their critically acclaimed game that will go live on the App Store in the very near future:

  • Optimized for iPhone 4S;
  • Lowered creature spawning rate to allow for exploration of the decayed beauty and gripping story of Montclair Hospital;
  • Removed the “Combat Summary Screen” to improve pacing;
  • Increased the player “Level Cap” from 40 to 50;
  • Added “Save Slots” under "Options" for different playthroughs;
  • Added “New Game +” after you complete the game, you can play again with increased difficulty;
  • Addressed key bugs and crashes.

Also, to celebrate the spookiest of holidays, The Dark Meadow will be on-sale in the App Store this Halloween Weekend from Thursday (10/27/2011) through Halloween (10/31/2011) for $2.99! No telling when a 'treat' like this will happen next!  

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