CES Update and Chevon Hicks Meeting

My first post from CES, and you can see that the booth is coming along swimmingly, and the iPhoneLife team is just about ready for prime-time. Besides trying to find our proper booth location and get set up, I had a great interview today with Chevon Hicks of Heavenspot.  Heavenspot and AppWagon are the creative forces behind the slow groove mix app titled Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer, which I got a chance to play with briefly. Chevon, a musician geek in his own right, is the creative director and president at Heavenspot. Music Mixer features original tracks laid down by the man himself, Ziggy Marley. MM makes creating your own custom party jam a cinch...We be jammin, mon!


Ok, I'm probably not cool enough to try saying "mon", but anyway if you are into creating your own mixes, love reggae, and want to customize some fantastic new and original Ziggy Marley jams, then you should check out this app. MM gives you mix-n-match control of the various parts of the music (bass, drums, vocals, etc.) to produce your own winning party mix. You can also create random tracks by shaking the iPhone or touch, or use the "DJ for me" mode, which uses a special algorythm to ensure your tracks remain original (and don't excessively loop).

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I got to sit with Chevon for a few and get in some questions about the creative process behind the music app, and what might be coming in the future. He tells me his own background in music (having once had an Epic records contract deal of his own) definitely helped him to bring the proper forces together to get this project done. Some of the issues with creating an app like Music Mixer involve not just coding aspects (and finding the right people to write the app)  but also specialized knowledge with overlaying music tracks as well. Chevon's team also smartly thought of things like optimizing the app to stay under 10MB in size. This makes it more accessible in low bandwidth conditions.

Probably the coolest part is that Ziggy came into the studio and laid down some 2 hours of new music for the app! Being a musician myself--and admittedly I only had a few minutes to play around with the app--I was impresssed with MM. The screens feature a well-designed layout, even a video tutorial on using the app.

AppWagon is planning to leverage the technology behind MM into other hit mix-type apps--possibly for big names like the rock-band Queen--in the future. Finally, Chevon hinted around about a new top-secret project in the works, but I couldn't get him to give anything up on it. Well, maybe he'll give us the scoop when it's ready, but until then, check out MM in the app store. It's only 99 cents, and well worth it! Stay tuned for more great CES coverage from our blog team as well!



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