CES: LG Mobile at CES

Not iPhone or iPod related, but never hurts to know what some of the competition is up to. LG and Motorola are showing off some sweet mobile tech here at CES (finally got over to Central Hall today). Both are featuring tricked out phones, and the tech diversity on display at this show is stunning! I got an in-depth look at the Moto latest (Motorola Droid-based Cliq, Dext, and BackFlip) and enjoyed the booth tour at LG, including their latest smart (and non-smart) phones. The eXpo, a Windows Phone model (see above in action) features a sliding keyboard and a compact pico projector on the back...Wow...very cool!


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Touch Rumor below...

LG has a number of non-smart models for the texting and "I-just-wanna-phone" crowd on display along with the impressive eXpo. Check out the Touch Rumor above, and the flippy Lotus Elite below... The phones have capable media players in addition to useful hardware features.


Moto is bringing on the droid phones in spades. You can see a pretty early basic review of Android and the inital G1 here, and the operating systems and menus are pretty much the same on all 3 new phones I played with briefly at the show (save for better widgets than when I did my initial Android reviews). I like the Droid interface and features, but I still think it is less responsive to input than the iPhone... Check out the Cliq, the Dext, and BackFlip, below (in that order, I think)... Motorola is touting that their new phones all include "Motoblur" (I thought it was a camera technology...which sounded bad, since blurring is not good). Evidently it is a cloud-based service that syncronizes, updates and backs up your Facebook friends, twitter and phone contacts, e-mails, etc.. to your phone.


Lastly, way off topic, but gotta check out the wide and very flat 62" screens at the LG booth (see below)!. LG and Samsung had 2 of the more impressive big display demos of the show I have thus far seen, so had to give our readers a taste.



The Samsung light show... 


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