CES: Earbuds Aplenty and more cool CES stuff for iPod or iPhone!

CES is chock full of iPhone accessory products, and I would like to promote some of the smaller vendors out here at the show. By the way, if you are attending CES, just about all the cool iPhone related stuff like this is located in the North Hall (including our own booth at 4642). It would take a while to post on each indivdual product, so I 'm going to have to lump them together. In this post, I'll talk about several iPhone accessory products (earbuds, cases, a solar charger, etc.) you might want to check out. I'll swing round later and review a few of them more fully. The first 2 are earbud headphones for your touch or iPhone. Read on for the details...

Jewel Buds: If you are looking for some stylish headphones, you don't have to look any further than Jewel Buds. My wife is at the show with me, and made a beeline for this booth when she saw it. The noise-isolating sound quality was pretty good, and each set is hand-crafted from Jablonex crystal beads.

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Ankit: If edgy is more your style, then you might want to go check out the Ankit line of products. The Naughty Naughty headphones I tried out produced very good sound and the patented G-Bass technology produced stellar low-end response. The buds also utilize noise-cancellation as well.

BandShell: Bandshell cases, which we have reviewed on our blog in the past, incorporate a simple and neat idea for protecting and enhancing your iPhone. The case features a cup-shaped panel that swings out and around to amplify the iPhone's speaker. It works pretty well in practice, and perfect for those times when you want to listen while shaving, doing the dishes, etc.

Dahon BioLogic Cases: Shockproof, waterproof, and you can add a recharge unit to power your iPhone while riding. No texting and riding folks. From Dahon...though I didn't find the product page, you can find this item on Amazon.

Amzer Solar Charger: Must have charger if you are always on the go, and need frequent recharges without being able to connect somewhere. This solar charger from Amzer will work with practically any device, features USB output, and has a battery preserve switch to conserve your battery life when not needed.


More CES coverage to come, so stay tuned here to our blogs...



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