CES 2015: Nate's Last Roundup of Cool CES Stuff!

I promise this will be my final CES post up—not they we ever want CES to end, but it does tend to clog up our main pages with "CES-this" and "CES-that" and after a week, it's time to move on. I will attempt to mention a few of the vendors we might have missed in our main show coverage, and possibly a few other cool non-iPhonethings as well. Just dive in, as it will mostly be pictures, with a quick blurb explaining each item (and maybe a vendor link if I felt like it or grabbed a press kit). If I missed your product at the show, I apologize. At CES, there are too many things to see, and not enough time to write (see all of our show coverage here)..

Pioneer and Alpine

Showing off the latest CarPlay touch screen stereo systems, the Pioneer and Alpine booths were chock full of cool concept cars (which are everywhere at CES, honestly). The CarPlay-enabled systems run apps like an iPhone, but need an iPhone present to do so. The Pioneer system was configured for demos and sounded and worked well (and includes a GPS sensor). We couldn't actually do much with the Alpine system other than look at it, but their app was actually pretty cool.


iBattz and Powerocks

I nominated iBattz and Powerocks both for an award because I like their charging stuff, and the ASAP battery pack and the Power Bank are both massively cool (ASAP charges itself in 15 minutes, and Power Bank has an app). Anyway, I think we missed their products in our main coverage somehow. I try to make up for that with some shots.



The most "interesting marketing angle award" goes to Belkin (though they won a real award in our main coverage for some smart home stuff). A screen protector machine (you can lease) for applying screen protectors, and of course it was used to market their new screen protector line by applying them at the show. No bubbles!

Robot singing show tunes at Samsung. Uh, some robots are just creepy...sorry, Samsung.

Robot chef. Add ingredients to pans (that are connected to a conveyor-type contraption), set up recipe, and go nap while the robot chef makes your dinner. You still have to clean it.

Ford simulator. Theline was too long for me to wait, but it was cool to watch others yanking and banking.

Smallest eye-tracking device that works with a tablet (Showstoppers at the Wynn). The demo did not go that well (probably due to the glasses), but the concept was cool. Control your tablet by looking not touching.

Affordable teleprompter for your iPad seen at the Brookstone booth.

Turn your TV into a smart video conference and internet-connected kiosk with Telepresence!

Multi-Room Bluetooth Speakers (that sound great) and you get three3 of them for the price of one high-end speaker.

Downright sick (I mean cool) vehicles.

Other random shots and stuff below. If you want more info about anything you see here, add a message below and I'll see if I can dig up more information on it. Bye, CES 2015!


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