Canopy Sensus at CES - A touch sensitive case!

How many times have you wished you could control your phone right through the case, instead of eating up screen real-estate with your fingers? The Canopy Sensus is a a prototype touch-sensitive case product that should be released some time later this year, and you can see it in action at the LVH iLounge Pavilion at CES. The back of the case (as well as the sides) function as a grid of touch input points. There are several apps already prepared to work with it (an SDK is available). Like a lot of app-cessories that need a catalog of apps, the Sensus will only go as far as the app community that supports it, but there are other reasons to cheer for it. It could help iphone users who are sight impaired...

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I felt the case worked pretty well, but it definitely took a bit of getting used to performing control actions on the back versus the front of the phone. I played a game or two before handing the $3000 prototype unit back to the nervous booth rep (the actualy production models should be much more reasonably priced). Then the rep did something that I thought was very cool. He demonstrated using the matrixed grid on the back to enter braille text.

He was horrible at braille (not really knowing it), but it was instantly obvious to me, this case could be useful for someone who actually must do so (considering they use an iPhone). The rasied grid-like etching on the back, and braille inscribed side helps in this regard. It will be interesting to see how popular this innovative case will be, and how much acceptance in terms of app integration it garners, but if it helps sight-impaired people, it gets my approval. iPad mini, iPod touch models are also being considered.

You can learn more about the Sensus case here....

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