Burst! Time Kill for 2012!

Looking for a time killer physics game this New Year's Eve while waiting for the ball to drop? Check out Burst!... Pretty simple concept. Swipe to shoot arrows at balloons. Even a monkey could play Burst! Not only would he play it, but he would love it probably, and maybe get the top score on Game Center. The game has some kind of backstory and special play modes, but I mean really...who cares? Shoot the darn balloons and move along to the next level, right? The monkey does not care why... I make joke now, but nevermind. Read on for the full press release DL below...

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"Burst! was released Dec 2011. It is a classic physic-based puzzler in an unlimited projectiles, "shoot-em up" interpretation. It received a solid 5 stars average review on iTunes, and made recent top 10 and 25 app lists for free and adventure titles!

Burst! has 100 levels spanning 5 worlds. The first two worlds of 20 levels each are free and an in-app purchase of $.99 unlocks the rest.

The game controls are dead simple, swiping similar to Fruit Ninja’s launches projectiles with swipe speed and angle governing the projectiles speed and angle. The game objective is similar to Angry Birds, etc, in that each level get’s scored and you can break things in the level with realistic physics.

The similarity ends there. Burst! has an elaborate story that changes the tempo and character of the game. Each time you encounter a story slide you learn something about the world as you try to figure out the big picture. Chester starts his adventure after discovers balloons floating away outside his window, and follows the trail of a mysterious madman through Incipia Desert, The Frozen North, Lyndon's Ship and on as he attempts to uncover the secret of the balloons.

Fantastic power-ups such a frozen arrows which freeze everything they touch creates an elaborate puzzle which can be solved in a multitude of ways. There are no limits on projectiles so occasionally brute force is the answer if all else fails! Shoot as fast as you can swipe, and not much can hold out against such a barrage. Scores are based on number of projectiles along with other factors such as balloons popped (vs frozen or chased out of the screen) and blocks destroyed. So, generally you want to shoot carefully if you want to get the best score.

The balloons on the title screen can be popped (like bubble wrap) by touching them, or by swiping the screen. At the end of each world you also get a special item which can be used in the title screen as well. Left as an Easter egg for the player to discover, the special items can be dragged onto the title screen as a kind of mini-game in which shapes and objects can be created. The balloons floating will interact without the objects to create a limitless game left to the player's imagination. 





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