Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 Review

Looking for a great back to school primer for the kids, or a would-be college grad? Give them the gift of knowledge on iPhone, or iPod touch with Paragon's Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010. The "concise" part is something they might appreciate, that is until they have to dredge through real books for their term papers. Nothing makes you seem smarter though than really well-remembered cliff notes (except maybe actually knowing the full topic). Read on for my short review of this mini-tome of encyclopedic information.

First, the app is a bit hefty (for all it's conciseness) at 61M in size, so you might want to grab this one through your PC or Mac using iTunes, and then transfer it to your device. Or if buying it for someone else, simply gift the app through the App Store, and let them redeem it however they like.  I downloaded it from the app store over WiFi, and it installed just fine, and runs without issue on iOS 4.0. Last I checked, it had a 3 and a half star rating.

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The app is about as simple to use as you would expect. Enter a search term (using the search button/dialog), or simply "shake" your phone or iPod to get a random subject. The topic will display (typically complete within a single page view). Some subjects that are biographical may include pictures and a little more text. Links are provided to quickly navigate to other related material.

You can also quickly email or bookmark a topic using the controls at the top of the main view.

A cool feature (not unlike the shaker search), is the "On This Day" button linking to famous people and events in history for the current date. The favorites view allows you to quickly browse back through and edit your bookmarks.

My review here for this product was also, well "concise". EB Mobile 2010 does exactly what you would probably need it for--with a few tricks to keep it interesting and sufficiently geeky enough to enjoy. I mean who thinks encyclopedias are fun (probably college professors)? However, they are certainly useful, even summary versions, especially ones that you can easily load onto your phone. Go grab this one in the app store at the link below... Full features also provided.

Dictionary details:

* Over 25 000 unique articles.

* 800 colorful images and maps.

Application features:

* No Internet connection required: simply download the app once and use it on your iPhone/iPod touch with no additional expense.

* Receive random articles by shaking your device.

* View hyperlinks between articles.

* Learn what happened on any calendar day in history with the ‘On This Day’ feature.

* Suggested Searches appear at startup screen.

* Search History for the last 100 articles.

* Instant access to all your Favorite articles.

* Browser–like user interface.

* Share articles with your friends via email.

* List of similar words in case of misspelling.

* Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters.


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