BodyGuardz at CES! - Protect your device!

BodyGuardz had mucho awesome new screen and device protection stuff here at CES. One new item--which made me wonder why I havn't seen this before--has interchangeable back cover panels that come with the case. But wait...there's more. You want to create a custom cover from a pix you snapped in Hawaii, upload it to the BG web-site, and have them send you a custom panel? You can do that too with the new customizable mykase.

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The BodyGuardz PR guy was there applying a skin when I walked up. They provide both a wet or dry application method (with an antimicrobial, alcohol-based wipe). The application looked pretty simple, and bubbles smoothed right out (which never happens when I apply a skin).

The Utra tough clean film (screen-only or full body protection available), provides a tough layer of protection to your iPhone, which is also anti-microbial.The first clear protection material designed specifically for electronic devices.

They also had some attractive skin and cover designs for iPad on hand. You can get more information on the BodyGuardz site here. Whatever device you need to protect, BodyGuardz has you covered!



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