Best iPhone Apps and Accessories for 2009!

Being a tech news Junkie, and fond of the superior Ziff Davis line of publications, especially eWeek, I recently noted their list of top 20 iPhone Apps, which were ok, in my opinion--but then some were aimed at System Admin geeks like me. Anyhoo, after monitoring our own blogs and noting the excellent products being reviewed here, I thought we might do our own little end of year round-up. So, I will start it off with some of my favs after the break below (which will include at least one hardware item), and then hopefully a few more bloggers can pile on with posts of their own. Most of all, we welcome reader comments on their best of list of products for 2009. Heck, if it generates enough interest, I'll try to scare up a contest or giveaway or something...stranger things have been known to happen.

My Top 10 2009 iPhone/iPod Favorite Thangs:

1.  Games: Hand's-down Peggle was the game I could not stop playing, but Firemint Real Racing gets a serious honorable mention. Also check out Jelly Car (free) and Jelly Car 2 ($0.99).

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2.  Productivity: Evernote always wins in everything I read (and I like it too), but VITO's Task2Gather is also worth a look. 

3.  Security: SPB Wallet is what I trust in to protect my data...

4.  eBooks: Gotta go with Stanza. I can convert just about any e-book to a readable format. But, I would love to see a Mobipocket-like reader in 2010, with auto-scroll features like in WinMo.

5.  IT Management: Remote Desktop Lite is my personal fav for managing my network of home PCs (the Windows ones, anyway). I think it was on the eweek list as well.

6.  Streaming Audio Services: Pandora and Simplify Music are the tops.

7.  Best Streaming Player: The free FStream is high on my list, but Pocket Tunes is quickly replacing it.

8.  IM Client: IM+ Lite is good, but Meebo works from Safari without any client, and even allows you to embed a widget on your own blogs or website so you can chat with guests!

9.  Education: VITO Star Walk is mucho useful for learning about the cosmos, or just the next meteor shower in your area. Google Earth (though not quite in the same category), is great for more down-to-Earth research.

10. Hardware: A Sony Dream Machine alarm clock/dock is where my iPod touch lives when I'm not actually holding it. Decent audio quality, a handy remote, and the touch fits like a glove, even in it's Griffin protective case.

Feel free to comment with your own best of list and as I said, I'll see how far this goes. Hopefully our bloggers will join in as well, and I can twist a vendor arm or 2 for some free stuff. If we get enough participation, I'll go back and sift through the lists and summarize them for maybe a vote or poll or something. If not, well we will still have a handy best of list for iPhone noobs, eh? Thanks again for your participation and have a happy and safe holiday!


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Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computing environments. He has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes for many years. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate is a regular contributor for the and blogs and helps manage both websites. Read more from Nate at or e-mail him at