Be a Virtual Vandal with iVandal


Most people are not going to have the experience of actually defacing public property (not that I am encouraging doing so). Seems the iPhone is always providing new and unusual ways of expanding our life experiences, and it’s certainly better to throw virtual rocks than real ones. iVandal is a tagger starter kit for defacing your iPhone photo collection, but I wish I could use it to highlight screenshots instead.


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Install iVandal from the App store app on your device or via iTunes on your PC (link provided above). It is compatible with both iPod touch and iPhone (2.2 or later), and I tested it with version 3.0. Remember to reset your device after installing a new program (hold down home and sleep/wake buttons for 10 seconds or so). 

Using iVandal


Like most apps that do very simple image editing tasks, iVandal provides a set of drawing tools (along the bottom of the GUI). In this case, though, the tools have a more destructive nature. Paint can and gun effects, and smashed areas of the screen are featured. In the case of the blobs and paint can tools, 4 color selections are available. Custom colors are not possible, so your photo vandalism will be limited to red, yellow, green, light blue and black. The size of the area smashed can also be adjusted.


You can start vandalizing your pix by simply importing a photo from your camera roll or live shot (on either iPod/iPhone by selecting the folders icon). The iPod touch of course does not have a camera, so live image defacement is not possible, but you can still add effects to your screenshots and synced images. Simply tap the location of the screen you wish to blob or smash, and in the case of the  paint can, you can drag the spray around of course to make a more artistic statement. After adding your own touch-ups to the image, you can save your work by essentially making a screenshot using the built-in screen capture function (pressing home and the sleep/wake buttons simultaneously).


Personally, I am not that interested in this particular genre of app, but I can see it’s appeal with younger iPhone and touch owners. I think it could use a few more effects, colors and options (bullet holes for example). It would be cool if a transfer capability was actually integrated into the application so you could quickly send your vandalized photos without leaving iVandal to do so. I would like to have a similar tool, but specifically for highlighting screenshots. You can find iVandal in the app store at the link below.


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