Battle Fleet 2 Adds New Game Modes and 3D Graphics!

We reviewed the original Battle Fleet naval warfare strategy game back in 2012, and gave it high marks for its authentic details and realistic gameplay aspects. Now you can experience the even more immersive Battle Fleet 2 ($4.99) with 3D graphics, a new combat system and campaign modes. Get a taste with the embedded trailer or head over to the Battle Fleet home page. More details on the new version follow the break...

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Capital j Media released the new version on July 17, 2014, for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac (with cross-platform support for all). The turn-based aspect of driving the fleet elements remains the same (I would have liked a real-time battle mode too, but you can't have everything). The upgraded combat mechanics are well done, adding the ability to track shell height and hit  location. This allows you to shoot over terrain or potentially target individual components of an enemy ship.

Under the hood, the developers added improved options for outfitting your ships. Other improvements include the ability to place individual commanders, varied multiplayer options, and an entirely new graphics engine. Battle Fleet 2 looks better and plays better, but remains true to the form that made the original title a best-selling strategy app. Grab it at the links above!

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