Backdoor—YouTell's Teenage Entrepreneur Creates Anonymous Messaging App

Backdoor (free), which works with Facebook and Google+ sign-in, is a social-messaging app created by Daniel Singer, the teenage co-founder of YouTell. YouTell is an anonymous web service that allows you to invite friends to comment, without revealing their identity, on questions you present to them. The idea is that they can answer your questions truthfully while remaining anonymous. 

Backdoor provides a similarly anonymous messaging service that your friends can use to text you. The hook is the unknown identity of your texters, with in-app purchases required to unlock clues to their true identity. 

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On one hand, I do not like IAPs, though the use is somewhat clever in this case. On the other, I can see this being both addictive and distractingly fun. 

Anonymous texting has benefits for those who, for various reasons, may not want their messages to be readily traceable to them. Of course, there really is no such thing as "untraceable" on the internet, but this could certainly be a fun way to mess with your friends. Who wouldn't spare 99 pennies to get a 9-pack of clues when you really can't tell who is sending you provocative texts, and it is driving you nuts (not that I get any or would know personally)?

Of course, for YouTell or Backdoor to catch on, you will have to convince your friends to join and use the service. The app could be a big hit or not so much, but of course someone probably figured Facebook wouldn't last either. According to Singer, YouTell has 2 million-plus users, so if that is any measure, the future for Backdoor looks promising. Either way, I commend the makers of the app for finding a niche in the Apple app and Internet eco-system. Whether Backdoor proves to be a hit or not, they deserve credit for the entrepreneurial spirit! For anonymous and free messaging that might keep your friends guessing, check out Backdoor and watch for an update with many surprise features coming soon.




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