App News...LASW gets update & discount, TTL adds gametype, Redshift gets update...

Some of my favorite apps got recent updates, so without further ado, I'll try to break it down. LASW (see my review here) got mucho tweaks, but more importantly is 40% off during the holidays. TTL (see my review here) gets a new expansion level that will cost you an extra 99 cents and caused some controversy during the approval process. Redshift (see my review here) gets better by adding Retina display support, and more. Gory details follow...


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LASW Update:

Isotope 244 is happy to announce that v1.2 of its hit real time strategy

game Land Air Sea Warfare is now available on the app store. The update

contains many new features that were added for the iPad version that make it

easier to play and add translations for German, French, and Italian! Land

Air Sea Warfare is also on sale for 40% OFF for the holidays.

What's in the Update:

* iOS4 multitasking support

* Full translations for French, German, Italian

* Full screen tactical map

* New anti air unit

* Newts can capture enemies

* Elite units now gain experience levels and rank

* Easier to use UI with added pause button

* Double touch to create many units at once

* AI is harder on Robotic setting

* Aircraft fly smoother flight patterns

* Massive rendering performance increase

* Moving units in groups now hold formations

* New order menu with descriptions

* Over 100 changes in total

Product Info & Pricing

Title: Land Air Sea Warfare

Genre: Real Time Strategy Game

Platform: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPod, iPad

Release Date: December 3, 2010

Mac & Windows Price: $19.95

iPhone Price: $4.99

iPad Price: $9.99

Game Webpage

iPhone Version

iPad Version


Tilt-to-Live Expansion Level:

One Man Left released a 99¢ IAP expansion for Tilt to Live today. Today’s update applies to iPhone and iPod Touch only, but the new content will also be making its way to iPad soon.

The new Perforator turret lasts 6 seconds, and there is no eject button. In Viva la Turret, for those six, point-earning seconds, you’ll be vulnerable to droves of dots bearing down on you from all angles. The deadliest of these formations are actually WAITING for you to get into a turret.

For each dot you take out, a jewel is left behind. When your turret expires, you’ll grab as many of these trinkets as possible before entering another. The number of jewels you can collect will determine your score multiplier, making the difference between a “meh” highscore and a “MUAHAHA” one. Earn 2.5 million lifetime points in Viva la Turret to unlock the Perforator weapon in our Code Red and Classic modes.


Redshift Update:

Update 1.0.2 for Redshift, the Astronomy App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now available on the App Store.

New features and changes include:

- Retina-display support

- Optimized multitasking (iOS 4 and up)

- 3D-depiction of the solar system’s 25 major moons

- Follow-sky mode now automatically activated

- Scenic flight round stars

- Various smaller optimizations 




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