AmigoCase - Functional yet geeky recharge and protection!

The Keystone AmigoCase marries up a lightweight 1486mAh battery with a swivelized, clip-on, polycarbonate case. Additionally, the kit includes a smudge-proof cover for your iPhone 4, and a USB cable for recharging. Since I don't have the latest iPhone to test with (I'm the iPod guy here at iPhoneLife), I was able to get the case to work with my iPod touch 4G instead--not designed for iPod touch, so do not buy this case to protect and carry an iPod touch!!

The point of the AmigoCase of course, is to allow you to carry iPhone on your hip, while also giving you extra juice (see power usage specs below). AmigoCase products come in a variety of attractive colors, but the unit I tested was "smokey quartz" (the cover), and a glossy black finish (the battery case). Though I understand the point of positioning the 30-pin connector facing the back of the case (so iPhone screen is protected), it also means that every time you wish to view the screen, you have to swivel the unit up and remove the iPhone. It's a bit of a hassle to always have to pop out your phone to check the screen.

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The case includes an on/off switch to preserve charge when you don't need it, and a microUSB port for re-charging from your computer. A worthy tweak would be to allow the phone to connect/sync via the case, but that did not seem to work during my testing. The battery charge level can be quickly monitored using a small button on the base that activates a 4-light LED status indicator. The back features the kind of geeky belt clip that I use with my BBerry, but then you could argue plenty of non-geeks use a belt clip as well--sorry for the stereotype, fellow geeks. The front section swivels so that you can remove your phone by sliding it up and out.

Usage Quick Specs:

  • Talk Time: 7.5 additional hours
  • Internet Use: 5 additional hours
  • Video Play:  6.25 additional hours
  • Audio Play: 18.75 additional hours
  • Stand By: 195 additional hours

The AmigoCase is a lightweight and attractive way to protect your iPhone, and provide additional charge as well. The case is not overly bulky or cumbersome, and the high-impact plastic should help protect your device from occasional moderate impacts. Instead of the swivel design, Keystone might consider adding a more easily detachable front section though. You can find out more or purchase the AmigoCase for $79.99 here at the vendor website...


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