You Slide, It Scans


Listen up Road Warriors. You need this handy, portable scanner. Once you have one, you won't leave home without it.

The IrisScan Book 2 scanner is compact measuring 10 inches in length and an inch high and wide. It weighs a mere seven ounces. So it won't cause any clutter in your travel bag.

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There is a simple, initial, one-time, setup procedure. First, install the two AAA batteries that come with it. And then insert the 2 GB micro SD card that also comes with it. Power it up by holding down the Scan button for two seconds. Insert a paperclip into the format button hole. Formatting only takes a couple of seconds, and you're ready to roll.

Scanning couldn't be easier. Simply slide the scanner unit over the material you wish to copy with a slow, steady motion. The image is automatically stored in your SD card memory.

Install the software on your laptop or desktop that comes on a DC in the box. There is a registration process, which is a bit of a bother. The company sends you a key code within 24 hours, which you must enter to complete the process and use the software for more than a 30 day trial.

The software works on both MACs and PCs.

Attach the USB cable that comes with the unit to the scanner and to your computer. A directory of your scanned documents automatically appears on your screen. You click on the one you want to view or process, and you are in business.

When scanning, you have your choice to scan in color or black and white. You also have a choice to set a low resolution scan at 300 DPI or a high resolution scan at 600 DPI. The results are returned in a .JPG format.

The software has a character recognition program for converting scans into text. It will also convert from frames to columns.

You have many options for what to do with scanned documents. You may print them or save them as PDFs. You can send them as an attachment. You can import them into Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents. Or you can import them into Dropbox or display them in a browser. There are other options available as well.

It's a surprisingly versatile and powerful little unit. Just imagine how useful this gadget could be for you on your next road trip, conference, or workshop. Imagine how handy it could be in a library.

It's also surprisingly affordable. I found one for only $93, but you can pay a lot more. Iriscan makes more expensive models, but the Book 2 certainly fulfills all my needs.  Check it out:

This powerful little scanner earns a "must have" in my travel bag. You won't want to leave home without one either.  

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