X-doria iPad Mini Case


Ladies, you will appreciate the look and feel of this classy case for your iPad mini with its XO design on a pink background. I imagine the Xs and Os represent hugs and kisses. It's 3D textured cloth surface makes it pleasant to hold.

Not just a pretty case, its layered design gives extra impact protection with a tough polycarbonate shell that will probably save it from disaster.

Who doesn't want some more hugs and kisses. Grab one of these for some comfort and security. The cover features built-in magnets that automatically wake your iPad when opened and put it to sleep when closed.

The flexible covers folds to provide a convenient multiple position stand.

X-doria is an innovative case designer that has an attractive array of cases available for iPhones and iPads and other IOS products as well.

The suggested manufacturer's retail price is $39.95, which seems quite reasonable for this classy case. Check it out at www.x-doria.com.  

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