Here's Your Own Personal Blood Pressure Monitor for Your iPhone

Now, you can monitor your own blood pressure and heart rate on your iOS devices. After you purchase Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor ($129.99) and install the free app, just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Your device will automatically display and record the data for later access and history. You can even email your information to your doctor or health care provider.

Once connected with arm band in place (which is easy to do), you will get an instant readout of systolic, diastolic pressure, and heart rate. You also will get an assessment evaluating optimal pressure, elevated pressure, and hypertension.

Here’s a video to demonstrate the monitor in action:

I don’t know how much your doctor charges every time he takes your blood pressure, but now you can do it yourself. It will cost you $129 one time, and then it’s free. Insurance companies ought to give them away.

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