TV Everywhere with EyeTV Hybrid

This is the story of eyetv hybrid TV Tuner Stick for HDTV and analog TVs. It's the all in one TV for PC or Mac. It transforms your computer into a virtual TV and recorder--watch, record, edit, and enjoy anywhere, live or recorded.

Record from the TV program guide, one show or a whole season. It comes with a one year complimentary subscription to TV Guide, which can be renewed for $19.95 a year thereafter.

Eyetv can automatically export your shows to iTunes so that you can watch them on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad whenever you wish. You can share shows with other computers on your network.

The eyetv looks like the average USB thumb drive. The only difference is that there is a threaded, male coaxial cable connector on one end. All you have to do is plug it into your computer or laptop USB port. Once the coaxial cable is connected, insert the software CD into your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions for proper installation.

In the box, you get the eyetv receiver unit, software CD, infrared remote with batteries, USB cable, antenna adapter (f to MCX), and a manual in PDF format on the CD.

This diminutive digital device is the perfect solution for viewing TV anywhere on a variety of devices. It is a lot less expensive than a TV card that you have to install inside your computer case, and it brings TV to a laptop too.

With iTunes as an intermediary, you can enjoy TV shows and movies that you can download to your portable Apple devices. Unfortunately, it appears that this functionality is not available on the Android platform, which is a huge and growing audience that should not be ignored. Hopefully the developers will recognized and accommodate this market.

Having an eyetv is akin to having a very inexpensive Slingplayer with some important differences and limitations. Slingplayer lets you access your TV and DVR wirelessly for live or recorded programming and viewing. Eyetv is not wireless. Slingplayer works on desktops, laptops, Android, and IOS units.

If you are looking for an economical and convenient way to bring TV to your desktop or laptop, and if you have a coaxial cable handy, eyetv is your answer. If you want to download your favorite TV shows into your IOS device, eyetv is your answer. Sorry Android users, you are out of luck here.

The eyetv may be purchased for around $129. You can purchase one online here.  To see other models, visit the developer's Website is


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