Screensters: Toddy Gear's Cutest iOS Cleaning Solution Yet

My first encounter with a Toddy Smart Cloth was at a Consumer Electronics Show a couple of years ago. An attractive young woman placed one in my shirt pocket and told me how to use it to remove smudges from the screen of electronic devices. She explained that the rough side was for removing dust and oil and the smooth, silky side was for a final polishing.

After the Toddy Cloth, Toddy Gear came out with the Wedge, a pyramidal-shaped colorful cloth beanbag stand for iPads and phones.

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And now Toddy Gear has its most playful cleaning solution yet — the Screenster ($9.99). These adorable little anthropoids are 5 inches tall, and are made from the traditional Toddy cloth two-sided material. They are 100 percent microfiber for scratch-free and liquid-free cleaning. There is a string loop on the top so that your little Screenster pal can hang out on a hook or nail. I unfurled a paperclip and hooked it over my monitor and attached a Screenster to it for handy keeping so that it is readily available for screen touchups.

Toddy cloths have an antimicrobial coating and are naturally hydrophilic for absorbing oils, dust, and smudges without the need for potentially damaging sprays. They come in a wide array of attractive colors and patterns. You can even brand them with your own logo. Smart cloths can be thrown in the washing machine for a refresh. Just be sure not to dry it in a hot dryer.

These wonderful cloths really do work well, and I highly recommend them. As long as people continue to smudge up their touch screens there will be a need for Toddy cloths. 

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