SwannSmart Video Security

Here is  a super simple to set up security system for your home or office. Keep tabs on the baby sitter, see who's at the front door, look out for intruders all viewed remotely on your IOS or Android device.

To get started, just plug in the camera to a power source. It turns into its own local Wi-Fi network. Connect to it with your smartphone or tablet with a couple of configuration steps, and you are online live viewing and hearing whatever the camera sees and hears.

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Capture events as they happen. You camera will take snap shots of any events that it automatically detects and send them to your personal security cloud for viewing when you wish. You can also be notified when an event occurs so you can take appropriate action.

Unlike other network cameras (which force users to open ports and expose their cameras to the public internet), the SwannSmart Network Camera uses smart connect technology from iSecurity+ to sit protected behind your local network firewall and hidden from the public internet. Furthermore, it uses industry level, 128-bit SSL (the same technology as used in online banking and e-commerce) to encrypt all video transmission channels so it’s protected end-to-end from the camera to you.

You can connect as many cameras as you like in your network and even share the views with your friends and family.

To make all this happen all you need to do is download the SwannSmart free app and install it on our phone or tablet for remote viewing anywhere anytime. Viewing your security camera online can be accomplished on a PC or Mac, on an IOS device or Android device.

The recommended retail price for the ADS-450 SwannSmart Wi-Fi network camera with secure cloud storage is $129.95 per camera. The fee for Cloud storage is $5.95 per month or $59.95 per year. Of course if you do not wish to connect to the cloud, there is no charge for viewing. You can get one here for only $118.97: http://bit.ly/RLgZ8F

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