Ogio's Gambit 17: Carry Your Portable Office in This Backpack

That Ogio produces functional, high quality cases and backpacks is beyond dispute. I have reviewed several of them now, and it’s always a pleasure. This time we’ll be taking a look at the new laptop backpack, the GAMBIT 17 ($100).

A fairly large pack, the Gambit 17 measures 19 x 17 inches. Not surprisingly, it is fraught with compartments and pockets galore. I think the major problem with this pack will be remembering where I've stowed things. It could drive you crazy searching in every little cubby hole for what you are seeking. And of course, it will always be in the last place you look.

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There's plenty of room to turn this pack into a portable office or briefcase. Let’s start with the large compartment at the top. This cavernous space is large enough to accommodate the largest laptop with total padded protection. It also sports two pockets for papers, files, or perhaps another smaller laptop. 

At the very top of the pack you have two carrying handles, one padded, one not. There also is a zippered compartment that has a velvety lining with a divider. It is big enough to hold a couple pairs of glasses or other goodies.

Just below the top lip of the large compartment is another zippered pocket that you could also use for glasses, but it has two webbed pockets for business cards or credit cards among other things.

On the very front of the pack there is a compartment with two webbed pockets and a zippered pocket. There are four narrow pockets for holding pens and other long, narrow objects such as styli and laser pointers. You could also put books or magazines in here as well.

Behind this pocket is another larger one designed for tablets or small notebooks or laptops such as a Chromebook. On the back, there is a large, padded pocket perfect for an iPad. In the front is a deep, zippered pocket.

On the right side of the pack at the top, there is a narrow zippered receptacle that would accommodate a pair of glasses or other miscellaneous objects such as an iPhone. Beneath this pocket is a webbed one enclosed by a zipper. It appears that it is intended for use with a water bottle.

On the left side, there is the same arrangement except that the bottom pocket has an elastic lanyard that I believe is intended for tethering a water bottle.

As you can see, there are ample stowage places with lots of room for everything you might want to take with you to make you a veritable road warrior.

The shoulder straps are padded and extremely comfortable. There is also webbed padding at the top and bottom of the pack for back comfort and ventilation. There is a little zipper compartment on one of the straps and elastic loops on both straps for sticking stuff temporarily.

With all this stowage space, I’m afraid I could get this pack to weigh a couple hundred pounds, no problem. Then I would need a wheelbarrow to transport it. Maybe I should invent a wheelbarrow to transport digital equipment and get it funded on Kickstarter.

Anyway, as backpacks go, it seems that this one, with all its comfort, style, and functionality, is reasonably priced at $100.

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